Paying Additional Taxes & Liabilities

We can file and pay many of the additional taxes and liabilities that may be required for your business. If you have a need that relates to your business finances and don't see if mentioned here, just ask! We may be able to help.

• Sales & Meal Tax

• Heavy Use Tax

• Personal & Corporate Estimates

• Corporate Excise Taxes

• Annual Reports

• Household Employment Taxes

• Child Support & Wage Garnishment Orders

• Retirement Plan Funding

• Insurance Premiums

Payroll Services
Our first priority is helping your business run smoothly.  Using our payroll service will allow you to delegate these time consuming tasks to us:
• Issuing paychecks and direct deposits
• Paying payroll tax liabilities
• Filing payroll tax returns
• Handling your Workman’s Compensation audits
• Reporting new hires
• Obtaining tax ID numbers
• Sending payments for retirement plans, child support and other obligations
• Keeping up to date with payroll legislation
• Filing of all quarterly and annual federal and state payroll forms, including Forms 940 &
  941, state unemployment insurance, disability reporting and more.
• Complete year-end W-2 and 1099-MISC forms service, reporting and filing.


We can assist with your account payable & receivables, balancing your checkbooks and keeping your books in order. We can help you with project planning and overall budgets.

NO Hidden Costs

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We know just how much your payroll costs your business and it is our firm commitment not to hit you with unexpected additional fees. Other companies charge extra for direct deposit, check signing, mailing and even tax filing! Isn't that what you are paying them for in the first place? At Right On The Money, LCC we believe in providing one complete service — not a bunch of "extras" cobbled together.

Right On The Money, LLC' offers a full service fee schedule that includes direct deposits, new hire reports, customized payroll reports, payroll tax payment and filing service and Workman's Compensation audits held in our office. There are no hidden charges!


As a business owner, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What is it really costing you to complete your payroll? Is this how you want to spend you days? Are you  completely sure you did everything correctly?

The ever-changing, increasingly complex requirements of the IRS and state taxing agencies have turned the payroll process into an ordeal that can last all week. There is a never-ending rotation of deadlines that must be met for both filing and paying your taxes. Make even the smallest mistake and you can be hit with penalties and interest that quickly accrue. 


Tax Preparation
Right On The Money LLC offers professional preparation of all federal, state, and local tax returns at competitive, affordable rates. We continuously monitor federal, state, and local tax law changes to allow its clients to minimize current and future tax liabilities. If necessary, we can implement tailor-made due-date tax compliance monitoring systems to prevent costly interest and penalty assessments attributable to late filing. Of course, we offer full tax preparation and filing services.